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    @amerpie I watch this movie at least once a year to remind myself how utterly ridiculous the corporate work environment is! 🀣 A classic!

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    @amerpie Looks like a road leading to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. πŸ˜€ Nice capture. Would make a beautiful canvas print.

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    @maique Nice shot! Hope you're feeling better.

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    @darrenhester Here's a wide angle view of the coffee shop I was at earlier. Really cool.

    Cathedral Coffee Shop

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    @jmanes Thanks James! I'm ready for warmer weather too.

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    @jacks Double posting. I post the long-form article on Scribbles, then create a short post on linking to it. But you could pull the RSS feed from Scribbles into automatically if you prefer.

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    @jacks Thanks! Glad to hear you like the new site layout. πŸ™‚

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    @renevanbelzen I found a short video that has a slideshow of some previous graffiti art.

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    @jean You live in a beautiful location. Looks like a fun place to explore.

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    @gregmoore Re-reading my post, I realize I wasn’t clear regarding my plan. I will continue sharing photos and artwork, just not old stuff. I want my updates to reflect what I’m actively doing.

    Your blog is a good example. You share interesting photos that relate to what’s happening in your life. @birming also does an excellent job telling stories with his photos. @maique is the master at this! πŸ™‚

    By contrast, I've been posting stock photos and sketches I made years ago. Nothing wrong with that, but creatively, I want to become a better visual storyteller. That's why I made the pivot on my blog.

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    @birming Thanks for the encouragement! You're so right; if I get out more and have new experiences to share, most of these problems will disappear.

    Your blog provides a real-time feed of what you're up to and your thoughts about recent experiences. That's what a blog is for. I've been approaching my site as a gallery/portfolio more than a blog. That's a big reason why I struggled.

    Anyway, I've switched gears now and feel better about things. 😁

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    @jean Thanks for the reassurance that I'm not alone on this. From now on, rather than calling myself obsessive-compulsive, I'll use the term "tinkerer." That sounds way better! 🀣

    "I'm not a perfectionist. I just like to tinker with changing font sizes, icons, and colors for hours!"

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    @numericcitizen Nice use of selective color. I'm amazed at the number of photos you've taken. And they're all excellent!

    I want to charge up my 70D and go exploring this weekend. It has been a while since I've been on a photo walk. It would be so cool if all the photographers lived closer together. We could meet up and do a group photo walk. I miss those. πŸ€“πŸ“·

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    @maique Thanks for sharing. Appreciate it!

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    @birming Those sculptures are impressive! I'm glad I discovered your YouTube channel. I've been going back through your library of videos. You live in an incredible location! So many things to explore. I always look forward to your posts. 🀩

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    @maique That's cool! How do you create the screenshots you post? They always look so nice.

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    @birming GM Robert β˜•οΈ appears to do a good job simulating film. Thanks for sharing the link! I sometimes use an app called Lumibee to achieve similar effects, but it requires multiple post-processing steps.

    I like that applies the filter automatically. Sorta like a polaroid. You get what you get. The randomness of apps like this makes them fun to use.

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    @ningkantida I can relate to this Ning. Especially "My task management apps have become a graveyard for all my unfulfilled commitments." Yep, you're describing my situation precisely!

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    @gregmoore Sweet! 15-45mm gives you a really wide focal range. I know you’re eager to try it out 😎

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    @maique I love your avatar for 😎

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    @ericgregorich I relate to what you're saying. My ability to focus when reading has eroded over the years largely due to the flood of short form content. I consume too many online articles, podcasts, and tutorials. Most of it falls under the "self development" category, but I'm beginning to think it's doing more damage than good. I can't remember most of it. Rarely does it change my behavior.

    I'm making a serious effort to read more physical books, but like you mentioned, it seems I've lost the ability to focus. But I do think it's something that can be built back up over time.

    For me, I want to setup better constraints around my online media consumption. In need to dial it down and read more books instead. Have 3 in the queue now. I'll let you know how things go.

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    @birming Some serious modifications on that bike! 🚴

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    @hollie Nice work! I want to do more observational sketching. When you draw or paint a scene like this it forces you to slow down and appreciate all the little details. I find drawing relaxing for this reason.

  • @ericgregorich Thanks for the update Eric! I'm enjoying your theme πŸ‘

  • @johnpeterharvey Love this!