@jacks, I agree that journals are usually private, but I like the idea of shared journals for many reasons.

  • The content isn't exposed to the entire internet, just those you've granted permission to via the Day One app.

  • You own your data, and it's encrypted end-to-end.

  • Your shared journal could include only IRL friends and family. I would include my wife, kids, parents, and siblings. Maybe a few people from my extended family. That's it.

  • The viewing experience on Day One is great and it supports multiple attachments and pretty much any file format you can imagine.

  • No ads or promoted content

Right now I use group text as a private channel for family, but that's extremely inefficient and aggravating. I think a shared journal would be ideal for this. But I also know that it would be tough to get everyone to use the app.

@numericcitizen , @renevanbelzen +1 for Day One web portal. That would be awesome.